Hispanic Alliance, Inc.


Integrate the Hispanic/Latino community by uniting, supporting, and strengthening Alliance members in Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio; and further the social, educational, and economic development of the Hispanic/Latino community through advocacy, leadership development and the formation of strategic partnerships.

The Hispanic Alliance, Inc. exists to serve the Hispanic/Latino community. Our values are an integral part of our commitment to remain accountable and culturally sensitive in meeting the needs of the community through our members. Alliance members will determine by consensus which community issues to address. The Alliance will promote transparency, collaboration, coordination, and information-sharing about social, educational, and economic development services and resources for Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio’s Hispanic/Latino community.

Our leadership

The leadership structure of the Alliance consists of a Board of Directors, Executive Director, Advisory Council, Supporters Circle, and Standing Committees focusing on Capacity Building, Community Mobilization and Utilization, Networking, Leadership Development, and Advocacy. The Alliance will engage in Fund Development, Fundraising, and Resource Sharing.



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