YSLC Episode 47: Ah Si Vive Mejor~Gina’s Journey Part 5, Tri-C Veterans Program, Ideal Home Health Care, Special Guest Sgt. Vargas-Mercado, Barrio Tacos

Episode 47: November 6, 2015

In today’s show, we are celebrating Veterans Day!…Tri-C tells us about their Veterans program, and we have a local home-town VET in studio to share with us his personal story. We have another episode of Ideal Home Health Care’s Carraballo story, we will check in with Gina Velazquez (Post Surgery) to see how she is recovering from her tummy tuck and breast reduction in our novella, Ah Si Vive Mejor (brought to you by Khoury Plastic Surgery) and BARRIO TACOS is in our Latin Kitchen ‘Cocina Latina’ cooking up a feast! Check it all out right here and SUBSCRIBE for future episodes!


Ah Si Vive Mejor – Gina’s Journey (brought to you by Khoury Plastic Surgery)
In this episode, we check in on Gina Post-Surgery to see how she is feeling!

Khoury Plastic Surgery

watch Gina’s story unfold at: www.latinocleveland.com/gina

Tri-C Veterans Program with Mick Muñoz, Program Manager
There are many programs available at Tri-C for Veterans and they are there to help you navigate it every step of the way!

Tri-C Veterans Program

Ideal Home Health Care
Follow along with our new mini-novella featuring Hector & Lillian Caraballo, a local family, and their real-life story.

Ideal Home Health Care

Special Guest: Sgt. Vargas-Mercado
We are honored to have Sgt Vargas-Mercado in studio to share his personal story of service to our country!

For information on the Wounded Warrior Project, visit:

Barrio Tacos with Executive Chef Damon Ginnard
If you haven’t been to Barrio Tacos, RUN THERE TODAY. Seriously, just stop what you’re doing and go! Amazing food and every location…you can find one close to you at:

3 locations & catering!
FB: /Barrio Tacos

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